How about playing games and learning how to #RecycleRight? Join us for a fun workshop & Get into the Game of Recycling. Highlights: - Interactive session on #RecycleRight - Play #RecycleRight card game - Go on a Karaguni Trail - Fun take-home activities And much more This workshop was curated as part of the Call of Ideas Fund under the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore.

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Composting @ Home

Did you know you can turn “trash” into fertilizer? Don’t bin it – green it! This workshop focuses on the topic of food waste in SG and how you can convert food waste into something useful using a practical and interesting method. Composting is full of amazing benefits and it can also be a great way to help you in cultivating a sustainable lifestyle.

Microgreen @ Home

Did you know, in Singapore where land is scarce microgreens are an amazing way for urban dwellers to grow & harvest greens at home - all thanks to our humid and sunny weather! In this workshop, you will learn how to grow your own microgreen with easy steps with good access to sunlight, a tray, water and growing medium.

Eco-Enzymes @ Home

Simple & easy, with time and practice – you will learn the tips & tricks and master the art of Eco-Enzymes. Produced from the fermentation of organic waste of vegetable and fruits, eco-enzymes is a multipurpose liquid that can be used as detergent, cleaning agents for your home or as fertilizer or pesticide for your plants. You will learn how to make eco-enzymes & how to use them at home. The workshop is family friendly and help you turn common waste items into something purposeful!

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